A portion of all proceeds is donated to Crohn’s & Colitis Canada.



Learn the exciting art of

‘Fight Choreography'.


~ Aug 8 to Aug 11, 2017

~ for ages 8 to 16 yrs


Learn the exciting art of ‘Fight Choreography'. THIS CAMP WRAPS UP WITH A LIVE IN-STUDIO PRERFOMANCE


Let’s be honest…..there’s just nothing cooler and more fun than learning how to ‘hit’ and ‘be hit’ realistically and believably!  Punches, kicks, slaps, trips.  It’s part dance, part gymnastics, part psychology, part sleight of hand, and all FUN! Fight choreography physically presents the conflict in any story on stage and screen.  Learning how to stage a ‘fight’ to help create a great scene is intense and exciting.   If you want to kick, punch, slap, gouge and generally learn how to ‘beat-up’ or ‘get beaten-up’ (safely!!) in performance, then this is the place to be!


•  Work with Recognized Professional Faculty ~ arts industry experts who do and teach (not, university students on a summer job grant!).


Designed for students interested in:

     • learning to develop a new skill set to contribute to their performance skills,

     •  working in a collaborative creative group

     •  writing and devising action scenes and characters for performance

     • how to act and ‘fight’ at the same time!

• A SHOWCASE DEMONSTRATION PERFORMANCE at the end of the week for family & friends to attend

• Indoor and outdoor experiences so the summer weather doesn't go by unnoticed!

•  Memories of a truly dynamic experience - students can purchase a copy of the DVD.

•  Students must provide their own lunches, snacks, juice/water.

•  Ages: Recommended for performers 10 to 16 yrs


 •  Program Fee:  $275 + HST